Elfateh produces different sizes and components of the caravan
in accordance to our client’s needs.
The sizes are mainly: 3×6 m, 3×7.5 m and 3×9 m.
Elfateh Caravans, mainly suited for all temporary occupancy needs (e.g. labor residence,
mobile residential units, and/or additional units) especially in remote conditions. They
are also successfully used for various and diverse functions including additional educational
units in schools, on constructions, petroleum sites, for accommodations, offices, field clinics,
toilet units, among many others.
Main types of caravans:
1) Normal caravan units on chassis.
2) Caravans with skids: These are specially designed for desert sites. The skids on this unique design
allow the cabins to be conveniently transported in the desert without the use of cranes.
on trailers: These caravans are placed on wheels so that they may be easily and conveniently transported
over long distances.

Technical Specifications