Structural Standing Seam Roof Systems


El-Fateh double lock seamed system was engineered from concept to installation for strength, durability, and weatherability. The standing seams are a full  three inches above the lowest part of the panel, well above the water level as it flaws off the roof. The seams have factory-applied mastic to insure a secure, weather tight room

Concealed Fastening System


The double lock seamed system differs considerably from other metal building roof systems because of the unique method used to fasten the roof panels to each other and to the structurals. There are no thru fasteners used with The double lock seamed roof panels except at the eave structurals. Instead, panels with factory applied sealant are joined together by a mechanically formed lock seam. Concealed clips secure the panels to the roof structurls



The outside and inside closure at both ends of double lock seamed system finish with a 3″ high standing seam, avoiding the necessary of the finishing in the low, flat part of a panel where the greatest possibilities for leaks occurin most other systems.

Seam-Lock Profiles

Double Lock (DL1)

Super Lock (SL1)

Steel Clamp

Trapered Super Lock (TSL1)

Plastic clamp