Sandwich panel provides a good cladding solution that meets desired requirements such as thermal insulation, water and air-tight construction, structural safety, fire safety, and environmental protection. It can be used in factories, cold stores, industrial buildings and warehouses, food storage buildings and buildings in the agriculatural sectors, prefabricated structures, sports facilities including swimming pools, construction field offices, supermarkets, shopping mall structures and military, government, municipal and residential buildings.

Production Lines

El Fateh Company’s sandwich panel production lines are fully-automated continouous lines with high production capacity, state-of-the-art injection, corrugation, and cutting facilities, steady quality, flexibility in panel length, and steady denisty all through the panel.


Panels Stucture

Metal internal and External Sheet are selected from the load tables, based on allowable spans between the panel structural supports. The metal sheets can be galvanized steel or colored.

Insulation core material is polyurethane. Polyurethane is rigid foam which is produced by joining polyol and isocyanate under special conditions with the presence of catalysts and other material that give the foam a high thermal insulation performance.

Type of Roof Panels Sections

Normal Overlap Type (SPR-N110)

Standing Seam Concealed Fastener Type (SPR-S110)