Trapezoidal Steel Deck (TRP-55)


The Composite slab formed through the co -action of formed steed decking with a cover slab of pour-in-place concrete offers a floor construction method that is both practical and economical. The steel deck system has many advantages including: easy to lay and thus saves equipment, saves the use of supporting scaffoldings in the concrete casting stages, provides speedy and safe assembling, permits the insertion of cables and pipes in the voids of the ribbings, eploys longer spans in the building design. The Embossments formed on the webs act as shear connectors to prevent separation of concrete and steel, resulting in their co-action to resist the vertical loads.

Tables of Maximum Allowable Overload in kg/m2

Thickness 1.00 mm (Static Loads)

Thickness 0.7 mm (static loads)