We are very thankful to God for his guidance and assistance to accomplish all the successes and the prosperity we have today.

In 1984, we started our activities by producing steel structures and cladding products such as pre-painted and corrugated steel sheets and sandwich panels insulated with heat insulant polyurethane.

In 1990, our activities were further diversified through manufacturing and installing steel structures, trusses, prefabricated buildings and cold stores.

In 1995, our engineering industries unit was introduced, producing heavy steel structures needed for cement mills, power stations, big fuel tanks, electromechanical erections and multi-purpose caravans.

In 1999, we started producing space trusses, high way guard bombers, over head cranes, pressure tanks and hydraulic overlap vehicles.

In 2000, seeds and grain silos have been added to the production activities, as well as steel gates, irrigation roller gates and culverts. We also set up the production work shop for the heavy plants needed by many factories for producing nontraditional equipment, maintenance works and spare parts.

In 2016, we developed our sandwich panels line by using new technology from OMS italy which is the best manufacture and our line have the longest press in the middle east.

New Line